“Lord, how wonderfully you bless the righteous. Your favor wraps around each one and covers them under your canopy of kindness and joy.” Psalms 5:12 TPT



The climate of chaos fostered by unrighteous legislation, corrupt leaders, and dependence on governmental permission and provision makes us vulnerable to the biblically foretold control of the Man of Lawlessness. A spiritually vibrant and politically engaged Church can strengthen America to slow the advancement of this global agenda which opposes the plans of God. 

Now is the time to be in the Word as often and as much as you can be.

Strengthen yourself in the Lord every day.

Grow in dependence of Him.

Desire to only do what the Father is doing.

Because it comes down to the fact we have seen too much to turn away and Jesus has the words for eternal life. 

Deuteronomy 6;6, John 5:18, John 6:68



The results of the election is expected to culminate on Jan. 6, 2021, when the Electoral College vote count will almost surely be challenged by a group of Republican lawmakers who vow to block electors from seven states where allegations of voter fraud and misconduct have been raised.


Pray for the Senate

Declare that they will not steal from us our destiny in this hour •Declare that they will not take out our president.

Declare with President Trump, America will finish well and complete her course.

Pray for peace in America as the results are determined and after the results.




Trump Gives Supreme Court Another Shot, Takes on Pennsylvania in New Legal Battle

His campaign filed suit on Sunday asking the justices to overturn three decisions by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that led to ballot disputes, primarily centered around mail-in ballots


Consider what you are doing, for you do not judge for man but for the Lord who is with you when you render judgment. Now then let the fear of the Lord be upon you; be very careful what you do, for the Lord our God will have no part in unrighteousness or partiality or the taking of a bribe.”

2 Chronicles 19:5-7



Christian recording artist and Louisiana native Lauren Daigle has been removed from Dick Clark Productions’ annual New Year’s Rockin’ Eve celebration after the New Orleans mayor demanded the singer be scrubbed from the event because she led a song at an outdoor worship event in November.


Pray against the discrimination of Christians And for new ideas to combat discrimination.



When a small business has to close its doors, the impact ripples across the lives of so many – workers who lose their income and ability to feed their families, communities that lose crucial jobs, and owners who lose their life savings and homes.  As recently as September, at least 100,000 small businesses had closed forever.


Pray for a resolve for each small business, they would turn to God for supernatural ways to maintain a business during the shutdowns.

Ask God how you can shop local and support small businesses.



CBN News has learned the Energy Department's Nuclear-Security Agency which oversees the Nuclear Weapons stockpile is one of the most sensitive agencies to have been breached. 

The breach was undetected for up to six months, allowing the hackers to view the emails of US officials. 


  • Ask Holy Spirit to show you how to pray against their schemes and plans.

  • Declare that the light of God, His lightning and glory, will strike them out of the air!




This specific toolkit has been designed with the goal of ensuring gender justice in mind, which means ending the violence that black women and girls — both cisgender and transgender, as well as gender non-conforming people — experience simply as a result of who they are and how they exist in the world,” the description continued.

The “gender identities” campaign comes not long after Cartoon Network published a cartoon about the “systemic racism” embraced by the education system.


Pray they will hear truth and forgiveness.

“Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.”  Luke 23:34


Records from the State Department revealing that Ukraine Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko was offered “high-level” access to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign by the same lobbying firm that represented Burisma Holdings.

We obtained these documents in response to our FOIA lawsuit against the State Department seeking documents related to a reported “untouchables list” given in late 2016 by former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch to Ukraine Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko (Judicial Watch vs. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:19-cv-03563)).

This email is inconsistent with Yovanovitch’s October 2019 testimony under oath before the U.S. House of Representatives in the Trump impeachment inquiry that she knew very little about Burisma Holdings and the long-running corruption investigation against it stating, “it just wasn’t a big issue.”  This smoking gun email ties Hunter Biden’s Burisma’s lobbying operation to an influence-peddling operation involving the Clinton campaign during the 2016 election. This further confirms the Obama-Biden-Deep State targeting of President Trump was to cover-up and distract from their own corruption.


Declare justice and truth.



“It is all about Communist China. The virus. The computer hacks. The vast bribes and spying. Now this election. It all points to China. China means to absorb us. China means to wipe out every vestige of freedom. Biden is the sole property of Communist China. And even the Justice Department and the FBI refuse to say anything bad about China. Ask yourself, ‘How is that even possible?’   We, as the Church of Jesus Christ, must rise up, back the President, and preserve this great nation! This is our time. This is our opportunity. We must meet the challenge, or it is game over!” Mario Murillo 


Pray for the Chinese people, that they will be part of the greatest revival in world history.

Declare all Chinese hackers, influencers at colleges and elections, and those who have worked to promote the virus be exposed and brought to justice.


“God will bring into judgment both the righteous and the wicked, for there will be a time for every activity,

a time to judge every deed.”

Ecclesiastes 3:17



New satellite photos reveal that Iran has begun construction at Fordo, its key underground nuclear facility.   The photos show building began in September to expand one of Iran’s main sites to enrich uranium.  The discovery puts pressure on the next U.S. administration. 

Pray for the Gospel to Expand We do not know how many Iranians believe in Jesus

As for other matters, brothers and sisters, pray for us that the message of the LORD may spread rapidly and be honored…2 Thessalonians 3:1

Pray that, despite the restrictions and political wrangling, the Lord’s message will reach its maximum potential among these people.

Pray for the people of Iran and ask the Lord to both care for them and comfort them in their afflictions.

Pray Jesus will appear in dreams in visions 



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