An Invitation to Experience Heaven

An Invitation to Experience Heaven


You Can Experience Heaven – Now. 


Often we think of heaven as that glorious destination we will reach after our final breath here on earth. But as God’s sons and daughters, we have a standing invitation to experience heaven – and above all, HIM – right here, right now. 


In An Invitation to Experience Heaven, Cindy shares in vivid detail seven visions she experienced; encounters in the presence of God that have been life-transforming. She shares, “He has taught me to be His friend! He has strengthened me as a daughter, empowering me to live as an heir. As an heir, I am a warrior for Him, a healer for Him; and for Him, I now release vision and destiny over others.” Heavenly encounters will do the same for you! 


Cindy also includes 49 Scripture-based Daily Activations to pave the way for your personal journey. What will He reveal about Himself? What will He reveal about you?The heavenly gates have been opened for you to encounter the Father’s love. Step through and breathe in all He has for you!


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